Access Edline on the go from iOS and Android.

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Built on simplicity.

iEdline is as simple as it gets. No distracting content or pointless features. It's fun and
easy to use.

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Check your grades quickly and easily.

Let's face it: that's the main reason you downloaded this app. iEdline shows you where you stand in a snap.

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View your classes and their contents.

You can download documents, view links, navigate folders, and more - all from
within the app.

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Never sign in
to Edline again.

Remember that game you played where you would have to sign back into Edline every 20 minutes? To make a long story short, this game is over. With iEdline, sign in
once, and that's it.

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Stay up to date with
the activity feed.

It would get old to have to check every one of your classes to see if a teacher posted a new document. The activity feed keeps you informed every time there's a change.

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Check school news.

Who won the election for class president? What's the summer homework for English? Simply view your school news and
stay up to date.

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What was that
teacher's email?

With the touch of a button, you can access the entire staff directory for your school, complete with teachers' phone numbers, email addresses, and more. With iEdline, you can send emails and make phone calls
right from the app.

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