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It's more than just a calculator.

Kinematics equations can be hard to grasp. This app can not only solve them, but help you learn how in the process. Simply input variables, and Kinematics+ does the rest. It figures out what variable you’d like to solve for as well as the equation you're using, and dynamically shows its work step-by-step. Suddenly your calculator becomes your very own teacher.

And, it's free on the App Store.

Kinematics+ Icon

Simple and elegant.

Kinematics+ was built on utter simplicity. The interface is self-explanatory, so you'll never get stuck. Everything just works.

It shows all its work.

Daring to deviate from the traditional calculator, which just gives you the answer, Kinematics+ shows all its work. Now you don't have to spend half your time figuring out how it got its answer.


An enriched, animated experience.

Kinematics+ doesn't just push information at you, it animates it. The designs stay subtle, but still maintain a level of beauty.